What is ROI and How to Boost It in Email Marketing: 8 Easy Ways

(Roi) Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways to increase the reach of your products and the services you offer. It is a direct and easy way to attract potential customers, and increase the overall chances of a successful campaign.

What is ROI and How to Boost It in Email Marketing: 8 Easy Ways

(Roi) Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways to increase the reach of your products and the services you offer. It is a direct and easy way to attract potential customers, and increase the overall chances of a successful campaign. 

In case you are struggling with your email marketing ROI, then you can follow some simple tips to make your next campaign reach new heights. 

As you may already know, the email marketing ROI depends on the profits and the investment you’re making. In this article, we have listed eight of the best methods to increase your Email Marketing ROI

Some of the listed methods may require an initial investment, but with great profits after a successful campaign. Other methods don’t require an investment at all, and you just need to follow some conventional practices

What is Email Marketing ROI?

Email ROI or Return of Interest is used to measure the overall profitability and efficiency of an Email marketing campaign. 

You can use a simple and basic formula to calculate whether your email marketing campaign is profitable or not. ROI is denoted by: gains - investment/profits = ROI. 

The ROI is expressed in percentage. Every email marketer should have an idea of how to produce a profitable return, and ROI is one of the simplest ways to calculate it. 

Invest in Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation is essential when you’re targeting large audiences. When creating email campaigns on a huge scale, it becomes redundant and unproductive to manually reach out to the right people. 

The first thing you need to consider is the ROI of your campaign. This can be done by calculating RPE (Revenue Per Email) and the RPME (Revenue Per Thousand Emails) and determining the factors that affect it. 

In case you’re looking for a great email marketing automation solution, look no further than Mailchimp. Here on this site you can find a good solution to this problem. This email automation service can create a single mail or a series of emails that are sent to your target audience based on predetermined triggers that you can specify. This can give you insights into whether your email campaign resonates with your target audience or not. 

Use Website Visitor Data from Google Analytics

If you own a business, having a good website is crucial to building trust and interest amongst potential customers. 

The customers that visit your website are the ones most likely to purchase or subscribe to campaigns that you initiate. 

Once you can successfully identify the interest and the demography of your website traffic, you can create tailored messages that resonate with them.

You can use Google Analytics to learn information about your visitors. This includes the location, points of interest, and a lot of other valuable data that can help you to tailor your content. 

In case you use one of the several visitor identification tools out there, you can also get information on the visitors of your website and learn about their affiliations. 

Monitor and Use Data from Previous Campaigns

Data from previous email marketing campaigns can be quite valuable when deciding on the structure and tone of the new campaigns. 

You can extract data such as the number of users who opened the emails, which links they clicked on, and several other pieces of information that can help you to decide on your audience. 

Once you know which users actually made the purchases, you can customize your new emails according to the interests of your users. 

Thus, this data is quite necessary for the creation of new email campaigns, and should never be discarded. 

Validate Email Addresses

There are three basic factors that you should always check after an email campaign - open rates, bounce rates, and sender reputation score. 

In case any of the three factors listed here are low, your email campaign doesn’t have much chance of succeeding. If your emails are marked as spam by users, then your sender reputation score takes a significant hit.

Also, in case your emails don’t reach valid email addresses, your resources are wasted and your campaign will not be successful. 

B2B data providers with email authentication and inspection can make sure that your emails are sent only to valid and active email addresses. 

Use a Mixture of Styles and Methods

In case your email marketing campaigns are underperforming, then you should consider changing the style and methods you use. 

Even if your strategies are efficient, you can never expect your users to respond equally to the same types of email campaigns, with just the products being different. 

Try to change factors like content angles, fulfillment pieces, surveys, and the days on which your emails are delivered. 

You can experiment with hard selling and soft selling. Gradually, you can learn which methods are working the best, and mix up your styles further to make your audience not expect the campaigns. 

Focus on Deliverability

One of the best and easy ways to increase the ROI of your email campaigns is to improve upon your deliverability. 

The deliverability depends on whether you have sent emails to a large list at once, or you’ve sent targeted emails to smaller audiences. 

It also depends on various other factors, such as content, data security, and relevance to name a few. 

Also, in case your emails are marked as spam by your audience, then it can directly have a detrimental effect on your deliverability. 

The higher your email deliverability is, the more returns you can expect from your Email campaigns. 

Use Mobile Optimized Emails

If you don’t use mobile-optimized formats for your emails, then you may be missing out on a lot of potential customers. Most emails are often read on mobile devices rather than PCs

Thus, optimizing your emails for the mobile view is crucial in order to increase the ROI of your Emails campaigns. 

You can always check how your emails look on mobile devices and optimize factors such as subject headings and include CTAs in proper places to engage the user. 

Make sure that the content you write is also short and to the point. 

Focus on Highly Targeted List Building

Building a highly targeted list is essential for increasing your Email campaign ROI. In case you send emails to audiences that are not a good fit for your products, then the chances of a successful email campaign are quite low. 

Try not to send emails to large audiences that haven’t been filtered by their interests and response rates.


So, there you have it - by following these tips you can increase your efficiency, productivity, and the overall ROI of your Email campaigns by a significant margin. 

Once you can tailor your emails according to the needs and interests of your audience, you can easily expect a good ROI. 

Also, data analysis and filtering are quite essential to this process, as bounced and unopened emails will only result in a lower than average ROI. 

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