Ways of positioning your brand in society

In 2022, having a consolidated brand is one of the most important things for business, not just for entrepreneurs but also for companies that have 30, 40 or 50 years of presence in the market.

Ways of positioning your brand in society

In 2022, having a consolidated brand is one of the most important things for business, not just for entrepreneurs but also for companies that have 30, 40 or 50 years of presence in the market.


However, what do we say when we talk about consolidation? We make reference to having a presence in the collective worldview, when someone sees your logo or hears your slogan they locate your company.


Nowadays to this, we must add Google positioning, meaning to have a website and when someone searches for a product or service they find us between the top places of the results.


How can someone achieve this? In today’s article, we are going to show you some strategies that will help you reach your goal of being a recognized company and leader of your market in Mexico and in the world.


5 ways to consolidate your brand


As we mentioned before, having a business whose image is consolidated in people’s minds is a factor of success, because not only your sales will rise but also you will become the best company in your sector. Hereunder we will be going to show you how you can achieve it.


1. Promotional marketing


Or better known as promotional objects, have you heard about this strategy? Yes, we are talking about that personalized thermos or pens that everybody has in their homes. Promotional marketing allows you to have diverse objects of daily use with personalization, here you can print the logo, name and slogan of your company.


You don’t need to invest a big budget and it is more effective than handing out business cards to every person you cross with, simply you need to give a company pen and you are already creating an impact.


The promotionals in Guadalajara, in Mexico or in any part of the world allow people to recognize your business just for the fact that they own an emblematic object, it can be a notebook, thermo or even a cooperative gift with the image of the business.


And the best thing about this type of strategy is that it is long-term since everybody needs and uses these objects. As time goes by, they generate brand loyalty, which translates into a wider customer portfolio.


2. SEO posistioning


This is a strategy that not many people are aware of but they need it. Nowadays the people search for recommendations of restaurants and businesses not by the yellow guide but for better results in Google.


This was reinforced with the pandemic, as isolation caused a massive digitalization of services. If you do not yet have a website, it is time to have one, but even more important that you are among the first 5 places of natural positioning.


In other words, when someone seeks your services they find your business in the top 5 of the results without paying for ads. Statistics show that the majority of people only enter the first 5 websites and among them, they decide where to buy or what company to hire.


Web positioning is focused on the optimization of the webpage so it can be among different search results, all thanks to keywords, blog writing and the generation of links that redirect to your website. Without a doubt, it is an investment that will pay off.


3. Social media content


Another way in which you can improve your brand positioning is by social media, with the entrance of reels on Instagram or Tik Tok people spend most of their time in these apps, and although the majority consider that the content on these platforms is purely entertainment, they allow you to offer information regarding your business.


This is something that many entrepreneurs already put into practice, we are not telling you to pay ads on these platforms but rather that the content you share either posts or videos are relevant to your followers.


Hacks, tips or even tutorials can help you consolidate your brand in your client's view and not only that, but they are also platforms where you can generate sales or contracts just by sharing content.


4. Sponsorships


In fourth place, we have sponsorships, although this strategy tends to be sporadic and temporal, being an event sponsor can help you create alliances with other companies and offer more services. Likewise, it gives you the visibility that you may need for potential clients to get to know you and consume your services.


But that doesn’t mean that you must be a sponsor of all the events, we recommend that you become a sponsor of those events that have to do with your market or share a similar philosophy to yours, for example, environmental care, entrepreneurs events, and students, among others.


5. Offers better benefits


Last but not least, do not forget that you have competition that can put into practice two or three similar strategies to yours, that is why we recommend that you offer a differentiator.


Some alternatives could be: giving gifts as rewards for being a loyal customer, or promos in holiday seasons such as Christmas, new year’s without leaving behind discounts or 2x1 strategies.


This will attract many people that can help you generate more sales and recommend your brand to their relatives.


These are some ways you can consolidate your brand as the leader of your market. Do not forget to share this post if you find it useful and stay tuned to the content we have prepared for you.

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