Top 7 popular Tom Selleck Movies

In every actor’s life, few major roles leave an impact among the audience, similarly, among the Tom Selleck movies, popular ones were the Magnum PI, Three Men and a Baby, and even friends.

Top 7 popular Tom Selleck Movies

An underdog who has been shuffling roles behind the small and large screens, Tom Selleck has been a major name in Hollywood.

His career began in the 1960s, and since then he has been playing cowboys, cops, civil warriors, and eye doctor roles but that is not it even now he is currently known as an NYPD commissioner on Blue Bloods.

Without any doubt, he has been mastering all those roles quite efficiently.

In every actor’s life, few major roles leave an impact among the audience, similarly, among the Tom Selleck movies, popular ones were the Magnum PI, Three Men and a Baby, and even friends.

Here we will be taking you down to Tom’s popular movies lane

Top 7 popular Tom Selleck Movies 

1.    One of the best TV series of the time was Magnum, P.I. (1980-1988)

This series had all of everything including women in bikinis, action, thrill, cool cars, and bad guys.  

In this series Magnum PI (Tom Selleck) lived in a mansion in Hawaii, riding around the town in his Ferrari sports car looking to resolve all types of cases involving small and big crooks.

In this series, Magnum used to investigate the cases privately and then end up in a traditional fight at the end of every mystery case.

The brilliant performance of Tom Selleck in this TV drama series made the star win 8 different awards including:

  • Favorite–around Male entertainer in 1985
  • Favorite Male TV performer in 1984
  • Best actor – Television series drama in 1984
  • Favorite actor in a New TV series in 1981, etc.

2.    High road to China (1983)

This movie stars Tom Selleck as a freelance pilot who gives lessons at a field near Istanbul.

However, the movie seems too busy in introducing an American rich kid played by Bess Armstrong who has to prove that her dad is alive or else she will lose all the assets and money left over.

The movie moves in the direction of Tibet where Bess Armstrong thinks that her dad might be fighting over a border war along with Selleck the pilot and his sidekick Jack Weston.

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While they are exploring the surroundings it seems predictable that our stars would be flying over mountains, desserts, enjoying campfires, and find it difficult in escaping from the hands of hostile Arabs, Turks, Mongolians, and finally find her father.

3.    Lassister (1984)

Another amazing addition to Tom Selleck movies list, well this movie was “hit the deck” right after the amazing series of Magnum, P.I.

Here in this movie, Tom Selleck plays the role of a Cat burglar who is asked during the early stages of WWII to steal $10 million from the Nazis.

He does succeed in doing so but meanwhile, he has to go through undesiring thrills.

4.    Three Men and a Baby (1987)

Three Men and a Baby is an awesome movie to watch, it included an enjoyable mixture of humor, drug smuggling thrills, and the perfect aspirational life of middle-class families.

All the three stars Naming Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson had great chemistry and made the roles look so natural that no matter how hatred you are, you would love the concept and piece of acting these three stars have performed.

5.    An Innocent Man (1989)

Another great movie in which Tom Selleck plays the role of an Aeronautical engineer who is framed by a crooked narcotics police officer and sentenced to jail.

In this movie he further plays the role of how a prisoner survives through the hard times while being in jail, proves his innocence, thus leading the movie to a sort of justice warrior action-thriller.

6.    Quigley Down Under (1990)

Although the movie was liked by the critics unfortunately it failed to impress the audience over the box office.

This movie starred Tom Selleck, an actor who eases and justifies the role with his height, authority, and natural role-playing skills.

Here in this movie, he travels to Australia from America in search of work, where he meets a man named Marston who both later become famous for hitting targets so far away the camera barely sees them.

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At first, Selleck enjoys the company and the time spent with him, but as soon as he comes to know that Marston wants to pay him to kill Aborigines, Selleck throws the villain through the window and starts revenge that only ends in the Corral.

In the meantime, Quigley meets an American lady named Crazy Cora who is crazy and mad due to some tragedy in past but still admires to impress Quigley and slowly both of them fall in love with each other.

7.    Mr. Baseball (1992)

Right after the success of Magnum PI and three men and a baby on the box office, the star’s luck started to drown with continuous three flops and Mr. Baseball is one of them.

He plays the role of Jack Elliott, a great baseball player whose life suddenly turns around when he gets traded from the US to the Japanese franchise.

There he looks like a unicorn among other Japanese leading him to perform enjoyable culture clash sports comedy.      





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