The Difference Between Hard Selling and Soft Selling That You Must Know

Hard Selling and Soft Selling are familiar words that we often use in the business and sales world.

The Difference Between Hard Selling and Soft Selling That You Must Know

Difference between Hard Selling and Soft Selling

Hard Selling and Soft Selling are familiar words that we often use in the business and sales world. 

Then what is the basic difference between hard selling and soft selling? Apart from methods, content, ways. we must know in advance the objectives and methods of each of these methods.

Marketing is a must for business owners who sell goods in the form of products or services. 

To be able to get high sales figures, a marketing method is needed that can make customers interested, that's why a soft selling and hard selling method was created. So, what exactly is the difference between soft selling and hard selling?

The question above is indeed quite often asked, considering that there are still many people who do not understand what the difference between the two methods is. 

In fact, if you have done it, it will be very easy to understand what the difference is between the two.

Before going into the discussion what is the difference between soft selling and hard selling, it's a good idea to know the definitions of the two sales methods.

What is Hard Selling?

Hard selling is a sales method that goes directly to the right target market and goes straight to the main point of the promotion. 

This method also looks more straightforward and no preamble. Hard selling is also often used by companies that want to quickly sell a lot of products without having to work hard.

Indeed, there are some potential customers who immediately buy the products on offer, because they feel that the products offered are worth buying. 

Hard selling is indeed more focused on encouraging customers to directly buy the product and then get there. Meanwhile, long-term and other matters are not really taken into account.

What is Soft Selling?

Soft selling is a way of approaching or selling that is done without a high level of aggressiveness. The promotions that are carried out can be said to be very friendly but very persuasive. 

This will encourage customers to take action in the form of purchasing products. So it can be said that the persuasive side is the core for soft selling.

By means of soft selling, customers do not feel that they are being offered a product. 

But in the end, they also know that the product is interesting and decide to buy the product. This slow but sure method, it makes customers feel comfortable when offered a product.

According to leading digital marketing experts at Igloo agency, soft-selling helps present the business as an authority that is interested in helping consumers with their problems.

With growing disdain for hard product pushing, some of the leading brands are now focusing on inbound marketing that is helping them win credibility and confidence with target audiences. 

Difference between Soft Selling and Hard Selling

Actually, the above definition is sufficient to provide an overview of the differences between the two sales methods.

If soft selling is more focused on encouraging customers to want to buy products in a persuasive way, hard selling actually offers and invites customers to directly buy the product.

Indeed, to carry out the soft selling method requires a more mature calculation, because if you directly offer it to potential customers, it is the same as hard selling.

With preparation to think about, this is also what makes business owners prefer the hard selling method. 

They think that the most important thing is that customers want to buy the products on offer and the number of sales can increase drastically.

However, there are advantages of soft selling that are not owned by hard selling. That is, it can make customers want to buy the products offered without feeling forced. 

By taking an approach through feelings, you can better maintain the relationship between you and consumers when you have purchased the products you offer. 

For some industries, the soft selling method is considered far more effective than hard selling.

Actually, to choose which one is better between the two sales methods, you need to try both methods first. 

Because different business industries, products, and target markets have different sales methods. 

All decisions are yours whether you want to use soft selling or hard selling methods to sell your products or services.

Well, that's the difference between soft selling and hard selling that you need to know. 

By applying one or both of the sales methods above, it is hoped that more customers will buy your product and your sales will continue to increase rapidly.


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