How do you Stay Strong quotes?

Be at home with yourself; a peaceful sanctuary that soothes your dull spirit. A Safe heaven where you just enjoy being you. Dive within the serene depths of your soul and unravel the secrets lying therein. Know your worth and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about yourself.  Stay strong and beautiful!

How do you Stay Strong quotes?

    Quotes to empower a friend to stay strong who was in a toxic relationship.

My Darling,

I can feel the pain your heart is in. It's not easy to maintain sanity after going through all of this suffering. You were right. There was nothing wrong with you. Turn a deaf ear to voices that make you doubt yourself. Stop feeling guilty. Stop blaming yourself when your heart was too innocent.

Only a jeweler knows the worth of diamonds. So, don’t worry about those who didn’t appreciate your energy. Don’t waste your precious energy thinking about those who can’t see your light. Just stay true to yourself.

Stay strong.

Embellish the garden of your heart.

Be at home with yourself; a peaceful sanctuary that soothes your dull spirit. Safe heaven where you just enjoy being you. Dive within the serene depths of your soul and unravel the secrets lying therein. Know your worth and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about yourself.

 Stay strong and beautiful!

    Quotes to motivate someone to stay strong when they feel hollow inside:

Once in a while, you feel joyous and then out of nowhere, this strange, dark and cold sadness envelops your heart.

 An unknown sadness…

A craving for something; something that you are not familiar with.

But your heart yearns for it. It's thirsty!

But pure, sweet water of brook is not able to quench its thirst. It wants something else. But it’s not making any sense to you.

 My dear, do not run from this. Stay strong!

Do not feel annoyed and depressed for feeling so and do not lose yourself in distractions to escape from this. These are directions; listen to them carefully.

Directions to access your higher self.

Directions to rise above.

Directions to discover yourself, your purpose of existence, your passion, your reality, your truth.  As Khalil Gibran says in his book; Sand and Foam; ‘When you crave for things you are rising toward your higher self.

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    Quotes to motivate your friend to stay strong and patient during her healing journey:

So, you have been working on yourself for a long time. You have read books, carried out all the affirmation and visualization techniques to forge a better version of yourself.

You stepped out of your comfort zone, you overcame your laziness and procrastination. With so much effort you convinced yourself to start working on things you can control and leave the worry about results.

You did all of this to develop emotional and mental resilience. You did all of this to prepare yourself for that day, for those moments so that you don’t have to go through the same embarrassment.

But, when that day, those moments you were the same weak girl, who lost control of her nerves, who was too afraid to speak, who was not able to gather the courage to express herself, who could not maintain her composure.

Now, here you are, back on your couch, staring through the window at the sky with an empty heart, cold tears rolling down through your eyes. Thinking to yourself; ‘Can I ever change? Can I ever grow? Will I ever be able to develop that home within my heart that I long for? Nothing works for me. I’m again on square one’.

My Dear, please listen to me carefully. You are not in the same place. You cannot let a small bad experience define you. You are greater than this. Your expectations from yourself are too high and it's good. But please you need to go easy on yourself.

Healing is not an overnight game. You heal and then bleed, heal and bleed, bleed and heal. And the process goes on.

But did you notice you are not the same person after every trial? You come out stronger, more experienced, more enlightened. Just as gold can only be purified by bearing intense heat.

This intense heat of pain and suffering is meant to purify you. So that all rust and dust are brushed off of your heart and there comes out the gleaming, exquisite heart of gold.

  • Hey, world!

Give me a thousand reasons to cry and watch me finding a million reasons to still smile and have a heart brimming with gratitude.

    Quotes to motivate a friend to stay strong and have high self-esteem:


So, you cannot get over feelings of worthlessness about yourself? You see all these happy, satisfied, and talented people, hitting one milestone after another, doing great things. You look at them and then, you look at yourself and you can’t help questioning, ‘Is there any purpose of my existence? Why am I even alive? A burden like me on the planet was better unborn! ‘

Don’t do this to yourself beautiful.

Please DON’T! Your existence is not meaningless.

Do not underestimate your little deeds of kindness and care.

The smile that you bring on someone’s face through your kind words.

Your lofty goals: this burning desire in your heart to do something meaningful.

The sweet, gentle heart of yours which gets injured seeing someone in pain.

Can’t you see your big heart which is wide enough to embrace the whole world?

 How rare it is! How beautiful it is to have a heart like this!

Give some rest to your heart sweetie.

Stop overthinking. Quit comparison.

Stop! Take a pause. Take a deep breath.

Look at the sky. Do you see birds flying and trees dancing in ecstasy?

Can you feel the beauty of the world you are living in?

You are a super creation. God made you with his own hands. You see, how when we are convinced of someone's talent and creativity, we assume that every piece of art they will produce will be a masterpiece.

Why? Because we believe in them. We believe that they cannot create anything less than amazing. Then, what made you think that the best of all artists can create anything less than fabulous?  




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