Sherry Dyson-life circumstances

Sherry Dyson was a skilled mathematician and she was popular because of her husband Chris Gardner who is a great businessman and motivational speaker.

Sherry Dyson-life circumstances


Sherry Dyson was a skilled mathematician and she was popular because of her husband Chris Gardner who is a great businessman and motivational speaker.

 Sherry Dyson was born in Virginia. Sherry was an American resident she also began her professional life in America as a mathematician.

 She was well-known as she was the ex-wife of Chris Gardner but Sherry Dyson also makes her own identity with her career as a mathematician.

Sherry Dyson didn’t spend a happy life with her husband that causes their separation. In 1977 she got married to Chris Gardner. Sherry Dyson's parents have died when she was just six years old.

 After her parent's death, her relatives take supervision of her and where she began her school.

Sherry Dyson struggled with a lot of difficulties in her life but she prefers her career, focuses on it and, she tried her best in her field, and aims to be a mathematician.

She educates a lot of children in schools and college as a mathematician she chose to marry Chris Gardner after their marriage and they stayed together for 9 years. But in 1989 after the 9 years of their marriage, they got separated.

Due to lots of misunderstandings in their marriage, they got separated. Sherry Dyson was already known for Chris Gardner's other relationships but she was helpless because of her children.

Chris Gardner after all that things determined to leave Sherry and tied the knot with his student.

Family of Sherry Dyson

The way of life she was spending with her family was not acceptable. There are a lot of difficulties that arose in her life as they had another woman in their relationship which was not a good sign for their life.

Sherry Dyson had a son whose name is “Christopher Jarret” who was born in 1981.

Sherry and Chris had confronted a lot of arguments between them that were bad things for their marriage life and that sort of things can’t strengthen their relationship and due to these conflicts, Chris got an opportunity to separate from her wife Sherry Dyson.

Hence, they got separated then after this terrible experience of marriage. Sherry Dyson deals with packs of terrible conditions in her life.

But she remains very strong and after all that strategies she continued her profession as a mathematician but she didn’t get as much as she tried for.

About Chris Gardner

Christopher Paul Gardner who born on 9th February in 1954. He is an American businessman also a motivational speaker.

At his early age, Gardner strived with homelessness while raising his toddler son also. He becomes a stockbroker and now he appears to be a multi-millionaire with a net worth of $70 million.

His career also includes Entrepreneur, stockbroker, writer, philanthropist, and businessperson.

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The reason for their divorce

The main reason for their divorce has been discussed above. If you want to get extra information about Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner then you can read the “Pursuit of Happyness” book which is written by Chris Gardner.

 If you also want an inspirational book then it could be a good option to select. it will benefit you by making a better version of yourself for achievement that is written by Chris Gardner by himself

Sherry Dyson|EX-wife of Chris Gardner

 Sherry Dyson was a great woman and from her career, she was an extraordinary mathematician.

She does a lot of work for her community which was possible for her as facing different problems in her life side by side but she was a very strong woman who was facing lots of challenging difficulties in her life.

She does a lot of work for her society and also got an appreciation for that by her society.

Her professional life gives her a lot. She achieved a lot of achievements but her personal life was not given the affection which she deserves.

She got married to a businessman Chris Gardner who also an American citizen. The net worth of Chris Gardner is $70million who progressed a lot of profit in his career and he had good status in the stock market as he bought a lot of shares of different companies.

In 1977 he married sherry after their marriage they spent almost 9 to 10 years together. As sherry was a mathematician, she also helped her husband in his business very well.

Sherry Dyson was a great mathematician and with this profession, she educated so many children in her past. She also helped her husband in his business so can say that she was very well settled.

In this period sherry and Gardner’s life there occurring so many things that were normal in other’s life too.

They both trying to make their married life better but due to a lot of misunderstandings they just ruined their married life and after that, they got separated, and where from Sherry Dyson's life struggle also started.

What happened to Sherry Dyson after separation?

After the separation from Chris Gardner, there is not much information about Sherry Dyson. But in Chris Gardner's book “The pursuit of Happiness” there is little information about her.

You must explore the book and you can also watch a movie on it.

Sherry Dyson | death

Sherry Dyson died on April 7, 2000, at the age of 50. Sherry Dyson’s death was a shock for everyone. There is no more information about where she died and why.

Sherry Dyson-summary

Birthplace: Virginia (United States)

Profession: Mathematician

Religion: Christianity

Married to: in 1977 to Chris Gardner

Sherry Dyson’s son Name: Christopher Jarret Gardner

Sherry Dyson net worth: Not known

Marital status: in 1986 divorced

Died on: April 7, 2000

Take away

Sherry Dyson was well-known because of her ex-husband Chris Gardner who is famous as a businessman, stockbroker, and investor.

Sherry Dyson came in the limelight because of the book and the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” which is written by Chris Gardner by himself. This is little information about Sherry Dyson and her life circumstances.





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