SEO Checker by smallseotools

To know all of this you need a dependable SEO checker tool. After conducting extensive research SmallSEOtools has once again stepped forward with its efficient WEBSITE SEO CHECKER.

SEO Checker by smallseotools

If you have been running your website inadvertently, that is, without having a record of your site’s SEO score it is time to take a pause and reflect on the way you have been using your website.

The vitality of using SEO CHECKER:

Google is the most frequently used browser for searching. Google has saved content in its database about every topic. Google website crawler analyses the contents of all webpages compare them with content with its own database and rank it accordingly.

SEO Checker Review:

Every day Google is becoming smarter making it difficult for your blog to stay at top of the game without optimization. Thus, you need to have a check your SEO data which enables you to

  • know if your website is well optimized to be ranked on search engine result pages (SERPs)
  • figure out the weak points of your website and what additions, deletions, and improvements can be done that will help you convert your weaknesses into strengths that will enhance your website ranking.
  • Check the SEO of your competitor’s website.
  • Know the SEO of famous websites like Amazon to learn from their strengths.
  • No limit on how many times you can use this tool.

To know all of this you need a dependable SEO checker tool. After conducting extensive research SmallSEOtools has once again stepped forward with its efficient WEBSITE SEO CHECKER.

 This has been designed keeping in view the latest advancements occurring in ranking criteria of popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

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 Features of Website SEO Checker:

Easy to use:

All you need to do is enter your URL in the given box as shown in the picture below and click Check SEO Score. All tools that will help heat up your website ranking are just a CLICK away!

SEO score:

Like any other ‘Website Checker’ SEO score is the first thing that SEO checker will provide you with.

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Perks that SEO Checker provides over other similar tools:

§  SEO Test:

  • As part of the same search results, SEO Checker provides with results of an SEO test which will tell you what is wrong with your website so that you can rectify it. It also provides data on the number of tests your website has passed.

§  Certificates and Ranking by SEO:

SEO site checker runs a grading test over your webpage by comparing them against key standards like SEO, privacy, performance quality, and mobile readiness.

Consequently, numerous grading certificates are generated which you can display on your webpage by copy-pasting the given code. This will help enhance the credibility of your website.


  • It also tells the frequency of different heading usage, meta description, external links summary, word count, URL-analysis, and many more.
  • By showing mobile and desktop screenshots of your webpage it gives you tips on improving your web design.
  • Its analysis 1–4-word keywords used throughout your websites along with stats.
  • Provides you with statistics on the number of times your site has been shared on various social media platforms for the first day.
  • Security is a very serious concern of google and thus plays an important role in deciding your ranking at SERPs. By taking a few tests SEO tool tells how secure your website is.
  • SEO Checker also provides you with a report on the loading time of the page, page size, etc.


Along with other advanced features mentioned above which are rarely offered by any other web checker this tool provides you with suggestions by specialists to help improve your ranking. This deadly combination of such advanced features at Zero cost with extremely friendly to use is something you will not find anywhere else.










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