Review: Internet speed checker by smallseotools

Is your internet running at the speed as promised by your ISP? Is there any way to know that? The answer is yes! With Internet Speed Checker by smallseotools,

Review: Internet speed checker by smallseotools

Internet speed checker:

Is your internet running at the speed as promised by your ISP? Is there any way to know that? The answer is yes! With Internet Speed Checker by smallseotools, you can check the speed of your internet right now.

The Internet has become a part and parcel of our life. It has an impact on every aspect of our life like education, entertainment, jobs.

Industries have undergone dramatic shifts in the way they work. With this accelerating increase in demand for the internet.

It is becoming more and more important for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to introduce new technology that can provide fast internet at a cheap rate.

The quality of the internet provided by ISPs depends on the technology they are using. For example, a fiber-optic connection provides the fastest internet. It is relatively slower with copper wires. Some ISPs use a mix of both.

Tools for checking Internet speed:

There are several Internet Speed Test Providers like Internet Speed Checker by smallseotools Comcast speed test, Verizon speed test, Ookla speed test.

Typically, an internet speed test will provide you with the following information:

§  Ping:

It tells the time taken by the server to establish a connection between two computers. Data can be exchanged after the establishment of a secure connection.

Internet speed test tends to determine the server which will respond fastly to a data exchange request.  Time taken by the server to establish connection appears as Pinge time in milliseconds.

§  Download speed:

The server is required to send data across, and the time taken in the transfer of sample data is noted. The average of this time is shown as download speed. It’s indicated in Megabits per seconds (Mbps)

§  Upload speed:

Sample data is uploaded by the server and the time take in the upload is jotted down and shown in Mbps.

·       Internet Terminologies:

        Let’s have a quick overview of basic terminologies we need to understand before        checking internet speed:

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·       Streaming:

You don’t need to download a movie to watch it on YouTube or Netflix, right? This is because this video is saved on a storage device somewhere else and is being streamed on your device. Only a certain amount of bandwidth is required to watch it.

·       Downloading.

Downloading is the saving of data from a location such as YouTube, Facebook into your device. Files of various nature like videos, audios, pdfs, games, and applications are downloaded. Downloading utilizes more bandwidth than streaming.

·       Uploading:

Uploading is the transfer of a file from one device to another. E.g., uploading a video on your YouTube channel.

How to check Internet speed by Internet Speed checker by smallseotools:

Before running the test make sure that

  • No downloads or uploads are carrying on the background.
  • Your VPN software is inactive during the test.

Both can slow down the speed of the internet and give false results.

  1. Go to the Internet Speed Checker tool of smallseotools on your browser.
  2. Run the test by tapping the virtual ‘Begin Test’ button popping up on your screen.

After completion of the test, results will be displayed showing, average, minimum, maximum download, and upload speed.

What is a good internet test speed?

Which speed of the internet is good depends on the type of task you are performing. For instance, the bandwidth required for online gaming, Netflix, and movie streaming is 150Mbs, .7Mbps, and 5.3 Mbps, respectively.

Knowing the bandwidth required to support your internet task can help you give a fair estimate of the speed of the internet you need. This, in turn, will help you choose ISP that fits your requirement.


Instead of blindly trusting the words of your ISP provider, see yourself If you are being provided with the speed of the internet as promised by using ‘Internet speed checker’ of smallseotools.






































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