Pikdo: A Complete Guide to Pikdo Instagram Viewer

Pikdo is a free tool that helps you find new people to follow on Instagram. It does this by showing you other Instagram accounts that are related to the accounts you already follow. You can also use Pikdo to find new hashtags to use in your posts.

Pikdo: A Complete Guide to Pikdo Instagram Viewer

Your Instagram followers are a direct representation of how well your brand is doing. The more followers you have, and the more they engage with your content — the more successful you are as a business.

Getting users to follow your account can seem like an uphill battle, especially if you're just starting. But it doesn't have to be difficult or painful! For an easy way for getting new followers, see this article.

3 tips for using Pikdo to grow your Instagram followers

If you use Instagram as a business tool, it’s important to grow your followers. Some people choose to use bots to grow their followers, but these bots are getting caught more often.

Here are three easy ways to grow your Instagram account:

Instagram shows users more hashtags to include in their posts. Think of it like posting a photo on Twitter — you have to choose the right hashtags to show the best relevant photos to your audience.

·       Add more Hashtag using Pikdo

It’s best to include a large number (80–110) of hashtags, rather than a smaller number (30–40). The goal is to show your followers a wide variety of photos and videos. You can see the different hashtags with this simple tool.

Using these hashtags are shown in blue. Some are popular hashtags, but you don’t have to use them. You should use the most popular ones. As you can see, I use hashtags such as #travel, #food, and #graphic design.

·       Upload an attractive Profile Photo

Having a profile picture is always a great option to have on Instagram. An Instagram photo helps you stand out from the crowd. I use a picture of myself or a picture of my pets.

·       Keep Active on Instagram

Being active on Instagram is a great way to connect with current and potential clients. You can also connect with people who are looking for work, and get feedback on your current job. This will help you improve your brand in the long run.

One of the top benefits of posting content on Instagram is that you can keep posting for as long as you want. As your followers grow, you can have a great sense of accomplishment.

I don’t see the point in posting content when I can just keep adding to my queue. You need to be consistent! For this, I use the free Automator tool.

Find Hashtags using Pikdo for your Profile

When used correctly, hashtags on Instagram can help you grow your audience and engagement. There are two kinds of hashtags you can use: branded and generic.

A branded hashtag includes your business name or brand. A generic hashtag describes the theme of your post. If you’re looking to expand your reach or create communication with existing followers, branded hashtags can be used on Instagram.

They are updated every time your account posts new content. Since they contain your branding, using them can help you build strong relationships with your followers.

Genuine, unedited hashtags allow users to filter the photos and videos they see based on their interests and prompt them to tag their friends.

These hashtags are updated every time your account posts content. You can use them to engage and motivate your followers to give you positive engagement.

Posts with two hashtags tend to get more engagement than those that don’t include hashtags at all. Use both hashtags at the same time to effectively reach your brand’s followers. Search for hashtags that are relevant to your business or the creativity you want to post.

Moreover, you can include an Instagram-specific description before any hashtag. Another way to entice your followers is by sharing content related to the hashtag and/or the hashtag itself.

This way, you can keep your followers interested while they scroll through Instagram.

You can also use hashtags related to where you’re located, especially relevant and local to your location. Use this hashtag along with the location in your caption.

This is another type of hashtag you can use on Instagram. They aren’t updated every time content is posted. However, when you include these hashtags in Instagram captions, it helps get your audience interested in the content you’re creating.

Construction is one of the key perks of using hashtags. Because Instagram provides interesting and distinct hashtags with different restrictions on different content, social media content creators can exist without worry because they know exactly what content their followers will like.

You can use Pikdo to get more followers on Instagram

Pikdo is a free tool that helps you find new people to follow on Instagram. It does this by showing you other Instagram accounts that are related to the accounts you already follow. You can also use Pikdo to find new hashtags to use in your posts.

When you search on Instagram for account names that may fit your brand and audience, using a geo-location could get you free Instagram followers.

If an account has followed you in the past, it could indicate that they would likely be willing to follow you on Instagram. If you discover a “strong connection” between an account and you, you have a winning account to follow.

One way to find new accounts to follow is to simply search for them on Instagram. Instagram also helps you find new Instagram accounts by creating hashtags for you. By using hashtags in your posts, Instagram can surface accounts for you that aren’t active.

Some people will try to respond to every comment you leave, so making sure you respond to their comments is an easy way of securing new followers.

Hold onto your commenting of followers until you feel like your post has a sense of quality. When you have a sense of what your post should be about, leave comments within the caption. It’s so easy to spam comments on Instagram.

Following is the first step your follower will take when noticing you. But you can go further by engaging.

When using another Instagram account or posting one of your posts on theirs, make sure they see you engaging with their content. This goes a long way in securing new engagement on your content.

Touchpoints are conversations you have with other Instagram users with people who are a part of your target audience.

It’s important to engage on their private feed as this is where they like to engage most. Instigating a touchpoint increases your chances of them clicking on your post, engaging with it, and making a purchase.

How to use Pikdo on a smartphone or tablet

There are two ways to use Pikdo. The first is to use it as a web app. This means you can use it from a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. To use Pikdo as a web app, visit pikdo.com on your device and log in with your email address.

This will create a new tab in your Instagram app where you can view your recent interactions, plus you’ll automatically have access to your previous interactions.

When you visit that tab, you can click ‘Create Account’ and input your Facebook or Instagram credentials.

If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one using your email and password. If you’re already logged in, you can click ‘reconnect’ to link your accounts and start using the service.

You can view and interact with your interactions from all platforms and devices, making it super easy to view your growth and best practices, like what categories are you trending into, and how to continue to grow.

The second way to use Pikdo is to stay logged in but open the tab if you prefer to use it locally. By visiting pikdo.com and clicking ‘Log Out’, your interactions will be deleted from all your browsers, devices, and Instagram accounts.

You’ll also see a notification in your notifications section about how your content was viewed and interacted with.

To stay logged in while using a local version of Pikdo, you can log in using your Facebook or Instagram credentials.

 To see all the available tools, visit https://pikdo.com/tools and click ‘More Tools.’ You can then click ‘Login’ and type in your Facebook or Instagram credentials.

If you don’t want to use Facebook or Instagram, you can always connect using many other services. To see a full list of services other than Facebook or Instagram, visit https://pikdo.com/tools

You can’t view bots, fake accounts, or inactive accounts. This means no posts that have been selected to go to a location survey or conversations you don’t wish to include in your profile.


If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to get the word out about your business on Instagram, Pikdo is the answer. This article will help you better understand what Pikdo can do for your business, and how to use it most effectively.

Instagram is most successful when it taps into specific niches that have a high follower count and can lure users to them by providing content that indirectly hints at being on the show.

It’s no secret, brand owners that have successfully used Instagram to brand themselves have received some of the highest followings in the industry. However, if you’re still unclear on what niche to target or how to start, it can be helpful to conduct a little research into suggested Instagram niches.

When creating a niche idea, think of how you can use the platform to capitalize on specific products or services in the niche.



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