Keep It Handy with These 6 Best Smartwatches to Buy

Technology nowadays comes in various shapes and forms. In recent years, wearable devices like smartwatches have become more common for everyday use. They don’t only offer you functionality but also

Keep It Handy with These 6 Best Smartwatches to Buy

Technology nowadays comes in various shapes and forms. In recent years, wearable devices like smartwatches have become more common for everyday use. They don’t only offer you functionality but also act as a nice touch to your overall appearance. Find out some of the best smartwatches worth buying by reading through the curated list below.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Tweaked to hold even more features now, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is said to be the current best smartwatch on the market. Samsung decided to ditch its own Tizen OS to Google’s Wear OS 3. The device still goes through a developmental phase with the transition, so be prepared to see more features in the future.

The interface is similar to its predecessor. What’s new is that Watch 4 now offers more accessible health data like ECG features, irregular heartbeat detection systems, and body composition analysis—although still limited only to Samsung Galaxy users. If you fancy a classic look for your smartwatch, get the Classic version of Watch 4 with its rotating bezel and stainless-steel body. It’s available from the size 40 to 44mm.

Xiaomi Mi Watch

Xiaomi decided to join the smartwatch game by globally releasing Mi Watch. The company has already built a wearable legacy of the infamous Mi Band line, and Mi Watch is taking it to another level. Xiaomi tries to lure customers into getting this device with its affordable price tag. Despite that, don’t worry about compromising quality for a low cost—this Xiaomi smartwatch offers loads of features to enjoy.

Enjoy the sleek simplicity of Mi Watch’s design elegantly rests on your wrist. You won’t have trouble using it even in broad daylight, as its AMOLED display adjusts the brightness to the right level anywhere.

Mi Watch also provides you with a bunch of fitness data to track your health. Being a newcomer makes this device has a lot of room for improvement, but even so, it’s still a great smartwatch to get.

Apple Watch Series 7

If you’re an iPhone user, Apple Watch is an obvious choice for your smartwatch. Not only because of the compatibility with your phone, but Apple Watch is packed with excellent features you wouldn’t want to miss out on. In the newest series, Series 7, you will get a brighter and bigger screen, higher resistance, and a faster-charging duration.

Apple Watch Series 7 is tactfully designed to aid you in your activities, so you wouldn’t need to pull out your iPhone as much. You can even reply to messages on the go with its full-screen keyboard.

This device has helpful health-tracking features, such as oxygen saturation and an ECG sensor. However, be aware that the battery life is only up to 18 hours for typical use, so remember to charge it at least once a day.

Source: Apple Official Website

Garmin Venu 2

The brand Garmin has long become a household name for wearable devices. They recently launched the newer version of Venu, Venu 2, with a more enhanced combination of fitness tracker and smartwatch features.

The design comes in a circular style with a silicone band and a bright AMOLED display. This latest tech device might come off as a bit pricey, but for its many features and compatibility with Android and iOS, it is worth getting. 

Garmin Venu 2 provides you with the ability to track more than 25 activity types. It even includes sports such as indoor climbing, hiking, bouldering, and many others.

Freely set the smartwatch to show important metrics after each workout session. You can also customize automatic replies to incoming messages, connect to music streaming platforms, and make contactless payments with Garmin Pay.

Skagen Falster Gen 6

This smartwatch does not only improve your life with its features, but it also improves your style with its design. Skagen Falster Gen 6 enters the smartwatch market as a fashionable timepiece. Its simple look and stylish leather strap will match your wardrobe nicely. Get that sophisticated look just by adding this device to your everyday outfit.

Style isn’t the only thing Skagen Falster Gen 6 promotes; its utility will enhance your life as well. The device is equipped with Google Assistant, allowing it to perform many tasks with voice commands. You can also easily track your sleep, measure blood oxygen, and know your heart rate with this smartwatch. The battery might not last too long, but at least it charges quickly.

Withings ScanWatch

Want to get a smartwatch that has the look of a conventional timepiece? Add this one to your consideration. Withings ScanWatch enters the market with its classy design and functional features.

Its sapphire glass and stainless-steel body put that sophisticated touch to your overall look. Not only that, but the smartwatch also presents many features to help you in daily activities.

Withings ScanWatch is great for you who are more focused on tracking your fitness and health. Connect the device to HealthMate app on your phone, and you’ll get a bunch of data to analyze as you continue using the smartwatch. What’s more: the battery can last up to a month of average use! When it runs out, ScanWatch only takes a few hours to charge, too.

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