How to track a phone-find location of the phone

If you want to find out someone's location to check out where they are or you want to track their activities on the phone? Then you can easily do that by tracking their phone.

How to track a phone-find location of the phone

Top 7 methods to track a phone

If you want to find out someone's location to check out where they are or you want to track their activities on the phone? Then you can easily do that by tracking their phone.

A lot of people employ phone tracking apps to find out the location of their lost phones or to track the phones of their loved ones to check that if they are at a safe place or not, then tracking their phone could be the best option.

Sometimes if anybody suspicious about their partner then they can also track their phone without knowing them. It helps you to find out their location.

How to track a phone

Now when it comes to tracking a phone then you can use these 7 amazing apps that would help you to find out how to track a phone

1.Minspy global

Minspy is also known for its ninja way to track a phone. It is the best tracking app that works perfectly to find the location of phones that also comes for Android and iOS devices.

By employing Minspy you can track anyone’s location without any installation of an app you can open it in any web browser through its web-based dashboard.

  • Register for a Minspy account and get a subscription plan.
  • For android, you have to download, install the Minspy app on the target phone.
  • Click on start to monitor the target device
  • For iOS, you can use it directly from the web browser as iOS has a cloud that Minspy connects with it to track a phone.

2.Where's my Droid

Where's my droid is mainly designed for android devices. When you engage the phone with this app you can track any cell phone for free.

The process for tracking location is very easy and convenient as compared to many other navigation apps or websites.

The app is so small in size. It is compatible with android devices and by following these steps you can easily use it and it will help you to track a phone.

  • Install where’s my Droid from the play store. Open the app and click a pop how to use this application.
  • Click on ok and different sections will appear to set up all your device-related information.
  • Now for tacking a phone click on the GPS set up and enable it.

After you set up every section, the application will start tracking from your phone.

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Cocospy is one of the best apps to track someone’s phones like your children and employed in an office. You can use it within minutes without being detected.

It’s one of the best features it’s easy to use. You can easily monitor phones and tablets including Android and iOS devices.

Internet access is not safe for children. You can easily keep an eye on your child. Its advanced monitoring features can help you to protect your interests.


Spyier is featured as it can instantly track a phone. It also comes with web-based deployment you don’t have to download or install the app. The only target is iCloud is more than enough.

But unlike iOS, you are required to download a 2MB app on the target device. One-time access is enough to the target phone that is necessary to tack a phone.

Its installation is very easy and quick once installed the app then it will vanish from the menu or run in the background.

  • The first step is to log in to your Spyder account and follow the location of the device via your browser.
  • Its features along with tracking the phone are that you can check call logs, check emails, access media files, and soy on social media.
  • As you track information in Spyier it didn’t score in the app's cloud. So if you logged out, there will nothing remain to retire.


Femisafe is known for one of the most reliable parental control apps. It helps you to control screen time, track a location and can detect inappropriate content on the device.

It just includes the three easiest steps to track the location or phone without knowing the target ones. You can use it by following these steps.

  • By registering on the Femisafe account on the website or via downloading it from google play or the app store.
  • You have to install both devices on which you want to monitor and on the target one.

5.Find my iPhone

Track the location of an iPhone free by using the find my iPhone app. If you want to use this app then simply follow these methods.

  • Enable the Find my iPhone feature on the iPhone.
  • Enter the apple or iPhone ID you wish to track in Find my iPhone.
  • You will find out the list of all devices that are connected to that Apple ID. Then you can click on the device which you want to monitor, and its location will open on the map. Now you can monitor or track a phone location.

6.Google maps

Google maps are the leading map navigation app that allows its users to find the location. It’s an amazing app it has a lot of built-in functions.

It is available for both Android and iOS devices. This app is free of cost and you can easily track locations by using it.

  • The accuracy to find out the location in this app is very amazing
  • It uses GPRS, GPS, or WiFi.

7.Find my friends

The best location tracking app offered by Apple Inc. Which is only for Apple iOS devices. By using this app, you can easily track the live location of your friends or family.

Find my Friends is only compatible with iOS devices. It has the following features that will help you to find it.

  • It is a secure and as well as very fast app.
  • Find my Friends allows its user to track more than one device which is its best feature.
  • You can easily download it from the apple store free of cost.


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