How to take screenshots on window 10?

Taking screenshots on windows is not a difficult task. It is the easiest and quick way to capture the display of your appearing screen. It will help you to share different online receipts that you like to save or you want to share with others.

How to take screenshots on window 10?

4 easy methods to take and how to save screenshots on window 10

Taking screenshots on windows is not a difficult task. It is the easiest and quick way to capture the display of your appearing screen. It will help you to share different online receipts that you like to save or you want to share with others.

In windows, there are different pairs of tools that will help you to understand keyboard shortcuts, methods for taking screenshots on windows. Microsoft introduced different tools like snip and sketch for taking screenshots on windows.

But if you don’t know how to take screenshots on window 10. Don’t worry we are here to help you with this. You have to follow these amazing methods to take the screenshot on window 10 and how to save them which is also an important part after taking the screenshot on windows.

Four ways to take screenshots on window10

The following four tools include amazing shortcuts that will make it easier for you to take and save the screenshots on windows.

  • The Snipping tools.
  • The PrtScn-print screen tool
  • The Game bars
  • The Snip and sketch tool

The snipping tools

The snipping tool is the screenshot utility in window 10 that can take screenshots in an open window, for the free area, and by rectangular areas. The snipping tool is a flexible and easy to use tool which is introduced by Microsoft.

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How to take a screenshot on Windows 10 with Snipping Tool

To grab a screenshot and save it as an image without pasting it to another program just simply follow this method to get the result.

  • From the start, the menu starts the snipping tool to take screenshots.
  • Now in the mode option dropdown it and choose the shape that you want to keep on your screenshot.
  • You will see different options or kinds of screenshots like a free-form snip, rectangular snip, full screen, or window snip.

Now comes the freezing method when you will click on new your screen. It will freeze then you can use the mouse to develop a screenshot. After this screenshot will appear in the snipping tool window.

  • By using the delay menu, you can set up how long to wait before taking a screenshot this will only appear after a mouse movement.
  • Once you have taken a screenshot and you want to annotate the screenshot then you can use drawing tools.

Now it comes to how to save the screenshot on window 10.

  • For this purpose, click the file and then click the save as to save your screenshot to your window or computer.
  • It’s also in the snipping tool window for which you can click the copy button will look like the pages laid off each other when you copy the image to your clipboard.

 The PrtScn tool

 The PrtScn tool is also known as the print screen tool. The PrtScn key copies the entire display to the clipboard. So, you can paste it anywhere.

 To capture the entire display on your computer or laptop you can also use this amazing tool that can also work with different variations in various ways.

 How to take a screenshot on window 10 by PrtScn

The easiest way to save a copy of screenshots on your computer screen is the window to press the print screen key on your keyboard. It’s also labeled as PrtScn on the keyboard that is located in the top row or near the function keys of the keyboard.

PrtScn variations

  • Press Alt+ PrtScn

These shortcuts copy the windows to the clipboard, which you paste into other programs.

  • Press the Window key + Shift + S

The method is to drag a selected portion of the screen to capture. The screenshot on the window will be copied which can paste into another program.

  • Press the window key + PrtScn

This variation saves an image as a file. Which you can easily find in the screenshot folder.

The Game bar tool

A game bar can be opened when you play the game. You can use the game bar to take a screenshot while playing any game.

  • Window key + G key

Press them both to reach up to the game bar.

  • Set your Game bar

To set your game bar screenshot shortcut can you can follow this method go to Settings>Games > Game bar.

  • Window logo + Volume down

To take a screenshot on window 10 by this method, hold on to the windows logo touch button at the bottom of the screen surface and but the physical volume-down button from the side. The screen will dim for an instant and the screenshot automatically will be saved to your device screenshot folder.

The snip and sketch tool

The snip and sketch tools are similar to the snipping tool but with greater functionality. It will help you to take screenshots in windows and also to sketch them in windows.

If you are used to a snipping tool then you can use the snip and sketch tool. It has the same features with some new modifications

How to take a screenshot on the snip and sketch tool

Taking the screenshot with snip and sketch also the easiest way.

  • You can start the process by pressing the keyboard shortcut Windows key +Shift + S. By following this you will reach the snipping bar which will allow you to select a mode and snip without opening the snip and sketch app.
  • Open snip and sketch

 By typing snip into the windows search box near the start button and selecting open under snip and sketch in the list of apps that appear.

  • Delay button

By selecting the arrow next to new to open the delay drop-down menu and select the delay time from the option.

  • Now select the mode for taking the screenshot on windows like Full-screen snip, freedom snip, Rectangular snip, or freedom snip, click and drag the area of the screen you want to snip.

Your snip appears in the snip and sketch window. Now select the copy icon to make a copy of the snip. Now you can select the share button to share the snip with others.


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