How to Monitor Employees With OgyMogy Facebook

They say either you run the day or the day run you. Well, my work life was all about the latter part since before I knew about advanced technology.

How to Monitor Employees With OgyMogy Facebook

They say either you run the day or the day run you. Well, my work life was all about the latter part since before I knew about advanced technology.

 Technology that changed my world. Now every day is my day and I am pretty confident to spend it with full potential and energy. Before I didn’t have personal life besides work as the time spent with work would suck off all my energy.

So all I did was laying on the bed, browsing the internet, or jumping from one social media to another.

Now I am satisfied with my social life, am working on myself and my health, and have time to meet my friends and family once in a while.

Not only that the technology has boosted up my work potential as well. Now I can manage more people in minimum time more efficiently.

Enough with the secretive kind of talk let me tell you in detail about what I am talking about. It is about incorporating an employee monitoring spy app in my work life.

 Among hundred of available monitoring software, I chose the OgyMogy spy app. It is completely fine to monitor the employee's work-related activities through the company-owned device.

So I decided to give it a try and am glad I was not too late. The technology has not only helped me as a secret partner in my work but it has been a wonderful addition to employee's life as well.

As the use of this technology can be very helpful in polishing their skills and helping them out in different issues.

The best feature that most helpful for me was the FaceBook messenger spy app. As the company rule is to only use social media for marketing purposes through the official business accounts and no one is allowed to waste work time on useless activities.

Before it was difficult to track those employees who do not follow the rules and regulations. But now with the use of the spy app, I can track all those employees easily.

 Moreover, the employee team responsible for managing the official account can also be monitored remotely from my room.

Track The Social Media Butterflies:

First of all, the employer can track all those who use the company-owned device for matters other than work.

That includes posting selfies and wasting time on Facebook, What's App. Moreover using this social media platform to gossip and plot against colleagues also is an unbearable act.

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With the messenger spy app, users can check the newsfeed and inbox details of every employee. Let them know about the spy app or not but this will surely stop them to waste time on useless gossip during working hours.

Secure the Confidential Information:

As we all know FaceBook message allows the user to share media files as well. The media files can be in any form like an image, a video file, or even an audio recording as well. Use the spy app to monitor the media share through the employee chatbox.

You can keep an eye on the image or audio files to assure that no one tries to share any confidential information or idea with an outsider or illegal person.

Save Company Resources:

Company resources must be dedicated to work and work only. Keep a strict eye on the audio and video call log of the messenger service and make sure no employee wastes time on long calls during official hours.

 In case the service is used to make work-related calls or an official meeting then this feature can help you to keep track of all the activity. The data is stored on the web portal of the OgyMogy spy app. Users have remote access to the web portal and check the recording at any given time.

OgyMogy spy app offers all the features in the bundle set form. The user has the freedom to select the bundle that contains most of the defined set of features.

You can monitor all the social media activities of the employees during working hours by using the spy app. Not only just social media, but instant message chat app can also be remotely monitored through the app.




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