How to catch wife cheating?

(How to catch wife cheating) Is your wife is cheating on you? Well, it’s not always easy to catch a cheater especially when it’s your wife. This is the most difficult job as a husband to find that your wife is cheating on you and you have even no proof to catch her.

How to catch wife cheating?

10 easy methods how to catch wife cheating

(How to catch wife cheating) Is your wife is cheating on you? Well, it’s not always easy to catch a cheater especially when it’s your wife.

 This is the most difficult job as a husband to find that your wife is cheating on you and you have even no proof to catch her.

To be honest, dialogue is always a good way of action with your partner and you can get honest results sometimes through dialogue but it is not always the best-case scenario.

Every relationship has ups and downs, but sometimes you feel suspicious about your partner.

If you feel that way, surely it would be a difficult phase of your life. It’s never easy to cheat on someone but it’s easy to get caught on cheating. Once you doubt your wife is cheating on you then don’t address her until you have solid proof.

 If you have recognized any signs that your wife is cheating on you and you want some proof to confirm either you are right or not you should try these methods.

Check her phone

In the modern era, the mobile phone is the best way of communication between two people. If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you and she is overprotective about her phone and locks her phone every time.

Then try to get her phone first by any means and ask her to give the passcode to you. Once she gives you the passcode, add your fingerprint to her phone secretly and give her the phone back. Now you have access to her phone no matter how many times she changes her passcode.

Second Phone or Sim card

Remember she may also have a second phone which she keeps hide from you or she may use a different sim card to contact someone else.

Search that phone or sim card in the room or any private place of her where she keeps her things. You may find something suspicious and check the call history of that sim card. You may find the unusual call record.

Take a look at the messaging apps

If you suspect that your partner is unfaithful to you then also try to sneak into her messaging apps such as WhatsApp, FB messenger if you can.

WhatsApp is a liable destination for wrongful conversation. Check the archived conversations in WhatsApp and also in Google docs where chats can be shared or hidden.

Through these apps, you may find some suspicious material that will assist you to catch your wife.

Check the phone gallery

Besides, you can look for hidden audio or photos in the phone's gallery. She may hide her photos in the gallery or keep them in another photo-saving app.

If your partner is aware of the latest gadgets then she may be secretly embedding pics into a different picture file. You will need a special code to unlock that file.

When you enter that code you will find the original pic and you will know either your wife is cheating on you or not.

Look for bank statements

If you have a joint account with your partner that is the much easy way to find out but it is not the case nowadays. There are many other ways to pay for affairs such as PayPal, jazz cash, and many more.

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Just look at the bank transactions that you roughly don’t know especially for hotels, perfumes, and restaurant bills. You can discover something suspicious. Make a copy of that receipt and keep it safe.

In that way, you can catch the cheater red-handed in the future.

Generate a fake profile

You can make a fake profile on Instagram or Facebook and send her message through that platform. Send her a message and see if she gives you a reply or not. You can make a further step by flirting with her.

Now watch her reply how she gives you a response.

You can invite her for a meeting to see if she is interested in going on date with you or not. If she wants to hook up then here is your chance to catch her red-handed.


Check cloud services

Sometimes cheaters store their photos or videos in a special kind of cloud app. If you find out that your wife also has such kind of cloud service which you don’t know why she has such kind of cloud service. You may be onto something.

These types of cloud services can store photos or videos which prevent others from access. This material can be used as evidence during the divorce proceedings.

Check the trash bin

On the computer, the trash in recycle bin can be restored until the bin is empty. On the cloud services, Dropbox lets you restore items from the trash.

Emails or voice mails can also be restored until the trash bin is emptied. You can go through these recycle bins to find suspicious material.

This trash can be a treasure trove for you at that minute.

Place a hidden camera

You can hide a spycam or recording device in the room to expose her. When she is alone in the room then observes her activities on the spycam mobile app.

If she is doing weird things like smiling during chatting on the phone or doing other things behind her back. You can conclude that she is unfaithful to you.

Hire a detective

Another way to find either your partner is being cheating on you or not is that hire a private detective to keep an eye on her. The detective must be loyal to you and tell everything about your wife where she goes or where not.

By this method, you can trace her at any place and receive the latest information from the detective.


These methods will give you conclusive evidence of either your partner is being involved in creating with you or not. You need to be patient during applying these methods. And be prepared for any consequences.


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