Biography Obama : The President First African American

When talking about Obama biography, all certain knowledge that he is president of America's first origin of African descent. skin dark not so make you lost opportunity for Becomes a leader. because of that, know my story journey career, especially in the arena of politics.

 Biography Obama : The President First African American

Biography Obama

When talking about Obama biography, all certain knowledge is that he is president of America's first origin of African descent. skin dark not so make you lost opportunity for Becomes a leader. because of that, know my story journey career, especially in the arena of politics.

Background Behind Family and Education

44th President of the United States this born to Barack Hussein Obama spouse, Sr., and Ann Dunham on August 4, 1961. He once live in Indonesia when her mother marries and return to Lolo Soetoro who is a native Indonesian citizen.

Obama took studying undergraduate at Columbia University majoring in politics with a specialization connection international. Then continue my master's education at Harvard Law School. During Becomes student, he includes active organizing and has the opportunity to become the chairman.

Barack Obama married Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, a colleague at Harvard Law School, in 1992. From marriage, he blessed two children _ women named Malia Ann and Natasha Obama.

Experience Barack Hussein Obama's Leadership

celebrities biography While studying at Columbia University, Obama was asked as chairman to set college students' knowledge of politics. Moment carries on master's education, he appointed as editor of the Harvard Law Review and rose through the ranks Becomes chairman year next.

Career After Graduating College

After graduating from major knowledge Columbia University politics with a BA degree, Obama worked at the Business International Corporation. Then come out after a year of work and move to the New York Public Interest Research Group during not enough more than three year .

Obama was then hired by an organization church-based _ public named Developing Communities Project (DCP) as a director, so require it to move to Chicago. He works For three years until 1988.

When in Chicago, besides taking office as director DCP organization, Obama is also working on an institution public organized under the name Gamaliel Foundation. He trusted consultants and instructors there. _

Career As Lawyer

After working for three years in Chicago, Obama continued school at Harvard law. He will return there when the season is hot, for work break time as a lawyer for Sidley and Austin (1989) and Hopkins and Sutter (1990).

Obama is back again in Chicago after graduating from Harvard Law School in 1991 and holding a Juris Doctor (JD) with magna cum laude predicate. He then lifted as a lecturer in Constitutional Law at his alma mater (1992 – 2004).

Launch The book "Dreams From My Father"

In July 1995, Obama launched book memoirs related story entitled " Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance". The creation of the rise coincides with preparation for the campaign as a Senator in Illinois.

Book this is also printed repeat in 2004 in skeleton celebrate Obama's victory as the United States Senator from Party Democrat on Election Introduction. Publishing done two weeks post-speech at the Democratic National Convention (DNC).

Career As Senator

Career Obama politics begins when 1996 elected _ as an Illinois State Senator. During in office, he carry out reforms to legislation and ethics law care supported health _ full by both parties politics.

Many policies related to the law he support During becoming a Senator. A number of of them related promotion enhancement subsidy for children, upgrade credit tax for worker income low, and To do negotiation repair welfare.

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Become a Senator with a High Position

Career the politics as a Senator increasingly monster. In 2001, he was lifted as vice chairman with support from second party political together Committee Administration. And it goes up until level center with Becomes representative from Illinois.

At that time, Obama got 70% of the vote and was elected as a Senator representing the state of Illinois. He is a representative of the people's first African -American in history. Bridge time from January 3, 2005, to November 16, 2008.

United States Presidential Candidate Campaign

His career and reputation as a Senator for this are rated well by the community. So on February 10, 2007, Obama announced in front of the Old State Capitol building in Springfield, Illinois that he will proceed to become a candidate for President of the United States.

He always emphasizes issues about War in Iraq, increasing freedom energy, and providing care health, in each campaign as a candidate for President. His opponent in the United States presidential election is John McCain from the Party Republic.

Even then, the Party Democrats own two candidates advanced strong _ as candidates for President of the United States. His opponent namely Senator Hillary Clinton. But at the convention national party in Denver, Colorado, ex the first lady of the US state endorsement against Obama.

Become President of the United States First African descent

Election results year 2008, stated that Obama became the winner presidential election with 53 % of the vote people. That thing was so delivered it Becomes a Resident of the White House for five years forward.

Obama's victory in the 2008 presidential election sparked a variety of celebrations. People like dream welcome him, especially immigrants. He is the President of the United States and the first to come of African descent.

Obama said that " Change " has come to America” in a speech his victory delivered at Chicago Grant Park in front of hundreds of thousands of his supporters. her partner as Vice President of the US is Joseph Biden.

Re-elected As President of the United States

Blessing good leadership, Obama was asked to proceed return to the election market as President of the United States in 2014. His opponent is Hillary Clinton the representative of the same party. however very again he still trusted to occupy the White House.

A number of Barack Hussein Obama Award

Obama's name is getting taken into account since he was selected as the Illinois Representative Senator. Blessing leadership During becoming the people's representative, he was awarded NAACP Image Award for Chairman's Award Category in 2005.

During becoming a Senator, Obama is an aggressive fight for the well-being of the people, one of them with endorsement legislation. That thing make it awarded the Grammy Awards Best Spoken Word Album Grammy Awards in 2006.

During Becomes president, Obama is like that persistent fight for welfare and the elimination of exclusion of immigrants and inhabitants skin black. That thing delivers he gets the Nobel Prize for Peace (2009) and the NME Award Hero of the Year (2013).

Post- Obama Activities Pension from the White House

Obama takes office as President of the United States For two periods. Many policies are issued for welfare people. Many people especially inhabitants race black miss his reign.

Post pension as President, Obama is back to the routine beginning as before his career as Senator. He starts to teach studying law again at his alma mater the place studying first. Occasionally also receive offer Becomes interviewees or gives speeches at certain events.

Even he together wife set up company production of a film called “ Higher Ground Production ” which made various films, tv series, documentaries, and more many again. Until 2018, doing signing cooperation with Netflix.

That's it wish journey career stated _ in Obama biography until delivering it to the White House as President of the United States During two-period start 2008. Hopefully _ the story can give inspiration for fighting for interest people a lot.

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